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Sinoe Citizen Blasts Legislators

The Chairman of the Project Management Committee of Sinoe County, Mr. Klahn- Gboloh Jarbah has condemned the current political infighting amongst Sinoe County legislators.
Mr. Jarbah said the scale and gravity of the infighting amongst the legislators mark a worrying escalation of a conflict and that no cause can justify such action and conduct.
Mr. Jarbah has urged the legislators and their surrogates to exercise restraints in dealing with each other and above all ensure that the conflict does not engulf the entire county.
Speaking on Thursday, March 8, 2016 in Monrovia, he disclosed that the recent escalation of conflict stemming from the LACC-Senator Milton Teahjay saga is an embarrassment to Sinoe after the court indicted Senator Teahjay and ruled that he should restituted US$50,000 to the government within the period of 9 months.
He thinks Senator Teahjay should have been given a greater punishment while others were made to believe that the Senator was not guilty. But, he said it cannot work in that way because it will be disrespect to the court’s rulings.
He added that despite all forms of speech and utterances emanating from Senator Teahjay and his surrogates relative to this matter, the Senator must do the right thing to apologize to the people of the county for his actions and inactions in all matters relating to the socio-economic and political development of the county.

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