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Senator Cooper Opposes Nuquay’s Appointment

As confirmation hearing continues at the joint chamber of the Legislature headed by the Liberian Senate, Margibi County Senator Oscar Cooper is urging fellow colleagues not to comfirm former House Speaker J. Emmanuel Nuquay as Director General of the Liberian Civil Aviation Authority.

In a communication to plenary during Tuesday February 20, 2018 regular session, Senator Cooper said former Speaker Nuquay does not meet the requirements of section 203(1)(2) of the Liberian Civil Aviation Authority Act.

“The Director General shall be appointed with regards to being properly qualified and experienced in civil aviation for the efficient discharge of the power and duties vested in and imposed by the Act,” he said.

He pointed that according to the act, at the time of nomination, the Director General shall have at least ten years management or similar experience in a field directly related to aviation.

Sen. Cooper said it is due to this that he is filing his majority report because it will be in violation of the act that was created by the Liberian Civil Aviation Authority.

He said article 48, instead of Rule 48 that he differs with and section 2, only requires him as a Senator to announce to the Senate the majority report that he submitted.

Sen. Cooper pointed out that the Director General shall have no monetary interest in or own any stock or bond of any aeronautical enterprise following his appointment and shall not engage in any other business, vocation or employment and shall hold the office for a term of five years and may be reappointed.

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