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Rep. Gray Wants CSA Submit List Of Civil Servants

The House of Representatives has demanded the Committee on Ways, Means and Finance and Public Account to invite the Civil Service Agency (CSA) to submit a full listing and details of people who have been qualified as civil servants for the last one year.

A communication, which was read on plenary floor, revealed rampant salary disparities and a deliberate overnight transfer of managers, contractors and so-called professionals at certain ministries or agencies of government into civil servants.

According to the communication from Monsterrado County District #7 Representative, Acarous M. Gray, the overnight transfer of civil servants has seen them still maintaining full benefits of over US$3,000.00 per month.

He said a relevant committee should do pay cut among those involved, as there are consultants and managing directors who even make more salaries than members of the House of Representatives.

Rep. Gray said the general allowance at some agencies and ministries are distributed with huge disparities at the will and pleasure of the sitting minister.

He said they have a responsibility to help clean this financial mess through their oversight as they approach the process of a recast budget.

Rep. Gray indicated that it is to help conduct payroll analysis and appreciate the committee and call for copies of all payrolls from these ministries and agencies of government and that this action could generate more revenue for government.

He stressed that with the issue of general allowance at various ministries and state owned enterprises, the committee can ably review the rampant disparities by subpoenaing all payment documents for the last six months in December.

The committee is expected to report back to plenary in one week.

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