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Public Works Engineers Decry Salary Disparity

Engineers at the Ministry of Public Works have raised alarm over low and unfair distribution of salaries and general allowances amongst workers at the Ministry.

According to the engineers of the Ministry, what they receive, considering their qualifications and experiences coupled with their services provided, is unreasonable.

The engineers made their plights known to the Plenary of the House of Representatives of the 54th Legislature in a communication addressed to the House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers since February 6, 2018.

In the communication, read on Thursday, February 15, 2018, during the regular session of the House’s Plenary, the engineers noted that they work for many hours in the sun and rain and sometimes in unsafe environments to ensure that government’s projects are successfully completed.

Notwithstanding, the engineers averred that despite the difficult and challenging circumstances surrounding their work, the remunerations for the services provided are among the least pay scale at the Ministry of Public Works.

The MPW engineers also disclosed that Filing Clerks, Office Assistants and Drivers are being paid more than those engineers working with the Ministry.

According to the engineers, they deserve better salaries and allowances that will be comparable to other professionals under the Civil Service Agency (CSA) system in the country.

The engineers said the administration of the Ministry of Public Works promised them in July 2016 that the salary structure was going to be adjusted and that Bachelor degree holders would receive US$400 while Master degree holders would receive US$700 as their respective salaries.

They noted that the promise made by the then administration has not been implemented.

The Public Works engineers also disclosed that currently engineers with Bachelor degree with more than five years of working experience are receiving US$225 to US$400 and Master degree holders are taking US$700 to US$1,150 as salaries while other engineers with the same qualification and experience are receiving about US$3,000.

At the same time, the aggrieved MPW engineers proposed that those engineers with Bachelor degrees and the same level of experience be paid at least US$1,000 and those with less experience be paid US$600, while those with Master degrees be paid US$1,300. They stressed that there should not be more than 30% difference in the salaries of Bachelor and Master degree holders.

Meanwhile, the communication was read and discussed by members of the 54th Legislature after which it was sent to the relevant committee to investigate and report to Plenary in one week.

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