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Pres. Weah Ready To Rehabilitate ‘Zogos’

President George Manneh Weah has promised to support the rehabilitation of wayward young people on the streets (commonly known as zogos) involved in drug addiction, crimes and car loading.
President Weah stated the government will do everything possible to ensure that Liberian youth under drug addiction are rehabilitated.
President Weah made the remarks on Sunday, March 11, 2018 when the First Lady of Liberia Madam Clar Weah celebrated her birthday with the Kimberline Youth for Jesus Christ Foundation at the Winner Chapel Church in Congo Town, Monrovia.
He maintained that Liberian youths addicted to drug should be willing to desist from such habit, noting that they are under obligation themselves to transform their living conditions.
He pointed out that Liberians should stop referring to other Liberians as ‘zogos’ in the society as they could be useful tomorrow upon their rehabilitation.
Earlier, the First Lady Madam Clar Weah said the drug addicted youths of Liberia will be supported in order to transform them into peaceful and useful citizens.
Madam Weah explained that she will not be able to solve all their problems, but said she will help to address some of the issues confronting them.
She, meanwhile, stressed the need for Liberians to pray for the first family, especially President Weah to help in the development of Liberia and its people.
For her part, the Founder of the Kimberline Youth for Jesus Christ Foundation, Evangeline Israel King said the organization is focused on transforming the lives of wayward children with some living in ghettos.
Madam King stated that the organization is trying to change the condition of homeless and drug addicted youths from the ghettos.
She noted that if government will help to address the issue of young involved in drug addiction and crimes, it will transform the nation and its people.
She indicated that as most of the young people on the streets have been rejected by family members and society at large, noting that it becomes worrisome for the future of Liberia.
Madam King asserted that the young people are the future leaders and recommends that there be plans in put in place for them now to address their plights through rehabilitation to regain their rightful minds to contribute to the rebuilding of Liberia.

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