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New FDA MD Warns Against Wildlife Trade

The Managing Director of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) has sounded a stern warning against wide life trade in the country terming such behavior as unwholesome as it undermines the doctrine of the protection of wide life.

Mr. C. Mike Doryen said it was unfortunate that wide life market was being commonly practiced in Monrovia against the law that prohibits it and expressed his sharp disappointment and vowed that   under his administration the protection of wide life will take precedence. He said, “It makes no sense to protect the forest yet at the same time the wide life (flag ship species) for which the forest is protected are arrested in their infant stages and marketed in Monrovia.” He has vowed to narrow such illegal practices consistent with the law governing wide life.

Mr. Doryen made these remarks among other policy statements during a meeting held Friday, February 16, 2018 with FDA collaborating partners in the Liberian forest sector. He used the occasion to acknowledge efforts made by these partners over the years which have and continue to polish the image of the country positively outside. He urged the partners to renew their collaboration with the government through the FDA administration especially with respect to the implementation of pro-poor policy launched by government. He stressed jobs creation as one of the key focuses of the government and urged the partners to create the possibilities whereby jobs would be created in their separate domains to curtail rural-urban migration.

Mr. Doryen hoped for a sustained collaboration with the partners by his administration that would see the resurrection of the beauty of the Forestry Training Institute (FTI) which had over the years played vital role in creating a new generation of foresters. He challenged the partners to do all in their power in concert with the FDA to gain a substantial space in the government 150- day deliverables.

Meanwhile, the collaborating partners including local and international IGOs have vowed to increase efforts in making sure that the dreams of the government through FDA become a reality. Separately they presented to the managing director the pictures and scopes of their individual works in the forest sector and lauded his vision which they said will have a far-reaching results in the interest of the country.

For his part the National Coordinator of the REED+ implementation Unit, Saad David urged the partners to support the dreams and vision of the managing director to make the sector much more practically meaningful.

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