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New Agriculture Minister To Prioritize Food Security

The Ministry of Agriculture has promised to tackle food security in four years from now in Liberia.
According to the Agriculture Minister Dr. Mogana N. Flomo, four years are enough for Liberia to produce sufficient food in the country.
Dr. Flomo stated that Liberia has to cultivate enough food crops in the country rather than importing food such as peppers from Guinea or the Ivory Coast.
The Agriculture Ministry boss made the statement on Monday, April 2, 2018 when he officially took over at the headquarters in Somalia Drive in Gardnersville, Monrovia.
He stressed that the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led Government’s Pro Poor Agenda is intended to lift poor Liberians from the poverty to appreciable level in society.
He noted that millions of United States Dollars have come to the agriculture sector through the Project Management Unit (PMU), but he said the ministry has no control over the PMU.
According to him, PMU in the agriculture sector has not yet made any significant impact to transform the living standard of farmers.
Dr. Flomo asserted that the Ministry of Agriculture should be in charge of the donor funds to ensure that the money is used for the intended purpose instead of benefitting individuals.
He expressed thanks and appreciation to President George Manneh Weah for the opportunity to serve his country in the agriculture sector with the hope that under his leadership, Liberians will eat what they produce than importing food.
He narrated that currently Liberians should think about the next generation in executing government functions and do the right things to benefit others and the nation.

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