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Mulbah Morlu Takes Charge of Ruling Coalition For Democratic Change

Monrovia – Speculation and rumors about who is in charge of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has now come to an end with an unprecedented decision by Mr. Nathaniel McGill to step aside and allow Morlu takes charge of the party as Acting Chairman.

Report by Henry Karmo –

On Thursday, 15 February, Mr. McGill, who is the current Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, stepped aside giving way to the party’s Vice Chairman for Operations, Morlu, to steer the affairs. His decision, according to him, is to allow him to focus on his current ministerial post.

“As chairman of this party, I believe that my responsibility is huge. You cannot be Chairman of the Cabinet and be chairman of the CDC. I have decided that I give one of the positions so that the party can continually move forward.

“After consultation with party leaders, I have decided to step aside and allow Mulbah Morlu, vice chair for operations, to act as Acting Chair of the CDC until the pending convention,” McGill said.

He called on partisans to lend their full support to Morlu. McGill expressed confidence in Morlu’s ability to run the party effectively.

Former Chairman McGill, who now chairs the Cabinet in the absence of the President, pleaded with partisans to be patient as the President forms his government.

The Minister of State for Presidential Affairs also promised partisans that even if they are not given appointed positions, the government will create programs, which will put money in their pockets.

“I ask for the greatest unity of this party; don’t allow people tell you we are divided in the CDC.”

“When there are consultations and partisans are having different views that do not suggest that there is division in our party.”

“This party is fully united; we are many and have to give other the opportunity to play other roles.”

“Don’t listen to street gossips, everyone will not be appointed by the President. Opportunities will be given you to go to school and empower you in other areas.”

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Morlu promised unflinching loyalty to President Weah.

“Until I leave the face of this earth, my loyalty is with President Weah even after his two terms. I will remain loyal to him, to his children.”

“Those thinking otherwise should think the other way,” he promised.

Mr. Morlu promised to always respect and protect the values of CDC and to defend the agenda of the President.

“By extension my job is to defend this government, to defend ministers of government that perform in keeping with the President’s agenda and stand with the Minister of State.”

According to him, those that he might offend will people of other political institutions and not partisans of CDC.

Mulba Morlu used the occasion to call on his fellow partisans to leave the radio talk shows and go into communities to work in order to actualize the agenda of the President.

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