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MOJA Celebrates 45th Anniversary

On the occasion of the 45th Anniversary of the Movement for Justice in Africa (MOJA), which falls on March 21st, the Anniversary Organizing Committee, under the Chairmanship of Counsellor Tiawan Gongloe, has announced that MOJA is moving to a higher level. In the MOJA 45th Anniversary Message, the Organizing Committee recalled the motivation that led to the formation of MOJA to justify the drive to a higher level.
The Committee reminded us all that the Founders of MOJA were motivated by the injustice of the day under the management of the Liberian State that led to longstanding and widespread poverty, which was used as the “excuse” for violence, including Civil War. Therefore, the Committee said that MOJA was established on March 21, 1973, to eliminate mass poverty by taking peaceful mass actions to transform the management of the Liberian State from one of injustice to one of justice for all. According to the Committee, Justice for All can lead to better living conditions and peace for all.The Committee stated that this is why the motto of MOJA remains Gweh Feh Kpei, the Kpelle Language of Liberia, meaning The Struggle for Justice Continues.
Work under the MOJA Mandate has witnessed much progress in the area of mass awareness but the sad news, as indicated by the Committee, is that mass poverty still prevails in Liberia.The Committee called upon us all to witness the progress in the area of mass awareness, as seen in the work of the mass media, with nearly 60 community radio stations and almost 20 urban radio stations holding regular Talk Shows and Call-In Programs, not forgetting the numerous newspapers and Hatake Centers around the Country. The Committee noted that the Vice-Chancellor (President) of the Pan Afrikan University, based in Uganda, Professor Mokasa Luutu, was very impressed with the deliberations at the Hataee Center in Central Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, during his visit there as Guest of Susukuu, that he had the deliberations video-taped for distribution at his University and other institutions in Africa and elsewhere.
Despite this progress, the Committee observed that at this time when Liberians are experiencing their first transition from one elected government to another since 1944, 74 yeas ago, and Liberia is the second poorest Country in Africa (World Bank Annual Report; African Development Bank Annual Report), 4th poorest Country in the world (World Bank Annual Report) and holds the world’s worst record (62 per cent) of children of school age not in school (UNICEF Annual Report), it is time for MOJA to move to a higher level. In the face of these unfavorable records for Liberia, the Committee concluded that mass awareness raising in Liberia has resulted in the masses focusing on regime chance rather than on system change, explaining the continuation of the mass poverty problem.
In closing the Anniversary Message, the Organizing Committee is calling upon the Founding Leader of MOJA, Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh, other Founders of MOJA and all longstanding as well as new MOJA members to hold Reflections, on the 45th MOJA Anniversary, on how to correct past MOJA mistakes by learning the lessons from the mistakes, in order not to repeat them, and working with the lessons well learned to use peaceful mass actions to change from the mass poverty generating system where raw materials are produced mainly for export to the mass poverty elimination system where raw materials are produced mainly for local consumption through value addition that comes in the form of manufacturing in the Liberian economy dominated and controlled by Liberians rather than by foreigners.

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