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Liberian Football Fans Hopeful of Game Development Under George Weah

Monrovia – George Manneh Weah is a football Legend, now he has to help revitalize Liberia’s dismal football sector, say football fans in Monrovia.

Report by Alpha Daffae Senkpeni,, Macauley Sombai,

George Weah shone at some of the best clubs in world football and now he has to redefine how crude football talents in the West African nation can ascend to the echelon of the world’s most loved sport.

In Monrovia, where the enthusiasm is high ahead of the President-elect inauguration on Monday, January 22, football fans are confident Weah will help develop football in the country to ensure young talents thrive.

Adonis Gbayo, a resident of central Monrovia says football can only develop if the Youth and Sports Ministry in collaboration with the Liberia Football Association (LFA) go back to the drawing board and start to develop the minds of youths that have passion for the game.

Says Gbayo: “My message to all Liberians including President Weah is that they should try to organize more competitive youth league in the 15 political subdivisions of Liberia if the game is to improve up to standard.”

Daniel Kumar, another football fan, is confident that the game would improve under Weah administration because he has vast experience and he has international contact.

“I am very hopeful that football will improve under this great football legend because he knows its importance and his success in politics today came through football and he is internationally known so the game would surely develop. “

Augustus Gah Tommy said he has long been wishing for football to improve in Liberia and now that the legendary Weah is set to be sworn in as President on Monday, he is convinced that the game is going to surely progress.

“I am totally sure that President Weah is going to help improve the game through his local and international contact and I wish him success.”

James Kaikoi grew up with President Weah in the Vai Town community on Bushrold Island.

He says the African football legend will exert all efforts to ensure football and all other sports are reawaken in the country.

Kaikoi called on the President-elect to focus more on youth football development because “if the Youth minds are developed in the game at the grassroots level, there would be serious development of the game.”

Randall Curtis added that the whole world including Liberians will be watching the country’s football development now that a former World best is President of the country.

“I think we all know the achievements of our President especially in the game of football and we are hoping for him to introduce new flavor that would help move the game forward.”

Curtis colleague, Aaron Marshal, is hopeful of the development of football in the country under the administration of President Weah.

But he asserts that such progress would only happen if the President keeps “his eyes open” to ensure accountability at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

“I am calling on President Weah not to leave any stone unturned at the Youth and Sports Ministry if he wish total progress in football in this country,” Marshall said.

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