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Lawmaker Blasts Youth For Drug Abuse

Grand Bassa County District #5 Representative Thomas A. Goshua has described the widespread and use of narcotic substances by young people as imminent danger lingering over the country.

According to Rep. Goshua, the widespread of narcotic drugs in the country has left bulk of the youthful population in rural and urban communities in a state of mental disorder.

Rep. Goshua noted that the use of narcotic drugs by the youths has led to uncontrolled criminal activities on an unimaginable number.

He pointed out that the increase in car loaders in the streets, who are commonly referred to as zogos, is the most visible evidence to his assertion.

Speaking during a regular session of the House of Representatives, Rep. Goshua said the temporary order placed on the raiding of all ghettoes by authority of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) is the gateway to allowing the free flow of illegal drugs in the Liberian society.

“In my mind, this will further pollute the minds of our young generation and worsen the conditions of our already vulnerable youthful population,” Representative Goshua told the Plenary of the House of Representatives of the 54th Legislature.

The Grand Bassa County lawmaker said the decision of the authority of the LDEA to temporarily halt raiding activities on drugs demonstrates their incompetence to properly regulate and control the use of drugs, consistent with the statutory mandate of the agency.

Notwithstanding, Rep. Goshua in a communication to Plenary of the House of Representatives recommended that the administration of the LDEA be summoned to give explanation for the temporary order placed on the raiding of drugs and that a committee be set up to review the drug enforcement law and recommend punishment for perpetrators when necessary.

Representative Goshua also recommended to his colleagues to make narcotic substance sale and abuse a non-bailable offense.

Meanwhile, the Plenary of the House of Representatives has noted the communication of the Grand Bassa County lawmaker and sent it to the relevant committees to investigate the matter and report back to that august body in two weeks.

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