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Airport Management Fights Back

The management of the Liberia Airport Authority (LAA) has clarified that the portion of the recently issued public service announcement on new security measures at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) is actually not intended to harm or kill anyone as it has been misconstrued.
The LAA stated that anyone found trespassing within the security restricted areas of the airport will be arrested and dealt with in keeping with the laws of Liberia.
It said these new security measures as contained in the announcement are only intended to deter interferences with the aerodrome, which sometimes lead to thefts of very valuable navigational equipment.
The LAA management has recalled that there have been several attempts made on newly installed navigational equipment, as part of the ongoing resurfacing of the runway by criminals. This, it noted, if not averted could cause crippling effects on the airport.
The LAA management has assured the public that it respects the law and will do nothing outside of the provisions of the laws of Liberia.
The LAA management went on to apologize for any embarrassment caused.

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