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Klaô Heritage Foundation Hails Pres. Weah

The Klaô Heritage Foundation has congratulated the Government of Liberia, under the leadership of President George Manneh Weah, for the wonderful achievements it continues to make in such a short time.
The group feels assured that the country is on the right path to recovery and sustained socioeconomic growth, peace and development.
In its considered opinion, the group believes that President Weah’s credentials as a true nationalist and patriot prepare him the most for the challenges of forging compassionate, people-focused strategies, policies and plans to lead the renaissance of the country and to further strengthen the resilience of a proud people.
The Foundation said Liberia belongs to all Liberians, and that no Liberian should be discriminated against because of ethnicity, culture, location, beliefs and mores. It believes that all Liberians must have equal access to the nation’s resources, even if such resources do not originate from them.
“This is why we support a merit-based system that seeks the best out of every Liberian and which rewards hard work, diligence and honesty in all aspects of life,” the group stated.
The foundation has lauded the Government of Liberia for officially kicking off the construction of the 14 Military Hospital and for launching the first project (the proposed Mahatma Gandhi International Conference Center) to turn the Bali Island in Monrovia into a modern metropolis. It said these significant developments took place in just one day (26 March 2018) and are in fulfillment of the key deliverables that President Weah promised in just two months into his presidency.
The foundation applauded the Government of Liberia for the yet unconfirmed news that it is planning to mobilize resources to construct major roads and bridges connecting the rest of Liberia with the five counties of southeast Liberia.
The group is also happy that the previous Government extended the public private partnership in education program to all counties in the southeast, thereby laying the foundation for narrowing the gap in access to quality education between the southeast and the rest of Liberia.
It noted that these developments, along with other major investments that are earmarked for the southeastern counties, will help to address a historical imbalance in access to basic social services between the people of southeast Liberia and the rest of the country.
“Therefore, they must be pursued to the fullest without any hindrance or impediment,” it mentioned.
The Klaô Heritage Foundation hereby pledges its resources and commitment to support the development drive of President Weah and the Government of Liberia to improve the living conditions of all Liberians.
“We do not advocate for preferential treatment for any group of people. Rather, we support all policies and programs that promote a balanced, fair and equitable distribution of the nation’s resources and which guarantee good governance, peace and stability.
“We believe that President Weah has the vision to lead the achievement of sustainable development in Liberia. This is why we call on all well-meaning Liberians to support the Government in whatever positive way they could contribute.”
The Klaô Heritage Foundation was founded in 2012 as a forum to manage and promote the proud heritage of the Kru people (i.e. Klaô) across the world. It does this by exchanging knowledge, conducting research and leading programs to promote the unique culture, history and values of the Kru people. It is a non-political sociocultural organization that espouses no religious belief and which exists solely for the purpose of promoting the socio-cultural interests of the Kru people across the world.

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