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I’m Not Qualified Weah’s Foreign Minister Confesses

Foreign Minister designate Gbehnzogar Findley told members of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Wednesday he has no experience in the filed of foreign policy to contribute to President George Weah’s pro-poor governance agenda.

Speaking at his confirmation hearing at the Capitol in Monrovia Findley said he will rely on the collective experience of serial diplomats within the country’s foreign service to execute the country’s foreign policy.

“I made this clear in my opening statement that I am not an experienced diplomat,” he said.
“But I think we have people in the foreign service who will rally around me to come up with a foreign policy.
“Please allow me to let you all know that the foreign policies will be caved based on the experience of experienced diplomats – those who have worked in the field on foreign policy for so many years.

“There is no excuse that i’m a politician and i’m going into territories that are new to me but I accept the challenge and I’m up to the task.”

Quizzed by Senator Varney Sherman (Grand Cape Mount County) how he would manage competing interests and relations with superpowers – America and China on one hand and on the other hand improve relations with the USA, which didn’t have official representation at Weah’s inauguration in the aftermath the of Israel Vote, Findley said he does not know how but will encourage engagement.

“How do I do that, Cllr. Sherman if I were to say to you that I have a remedy now and I could give you a solid word that this is what we’re going to do I wouldn’t be telling you the truth,” he said.
the ex Senate chief expressed believe that President Weah would reach out to the Americans and the Chinese to ensure that Liberia’s interest is maintained.

Findley said he earned university degrees in electronic technology engineering and rural sociology from the US.
Writes Titus E. Dessie

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