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Group of ’77 Benefits Goodwill Gesture

In helping the Government of Liberia to ensure that people with disabilities receive help in their living conditions, Geebamu International, Inc., has contributed walkers to the Group of ‘77 located on Newport Street as a way of showing humanity to persons living with disabilities.
According to Augustine B. Peter, Administrator of the organization, they will work closely with the Executive Director of the Group of ‘77 to ensure proper care with persons living with disabilities.
He said the organization is a Liberian based group within the United States that aims to focus on the visually impaired persons and people with physical disabilities.
He noted that since their return to Liberia, they have visited several communities and made donations in each of the communities and they thought it wise to go and pay courtesy to the Group of ‘77 by giving a little donation.
The Group of ‘77 is the oversight responsibility of the Vice President, Madam Jewel Howard Taylor.
The Administrator of the Geebamu International, Inc. added that their objective is to help Liberians especially persons living with disabilities to have a smooth living condition or access to movement.
“All of us you see here today are not getting founding from anywhere but we transport ourselves to come here, to meet with the needs of our people,” he averred.

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