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Ex-Representative Candidate Faces Detention

It has been gathered that a defeated Representative Candidate in Grand Cape Mount County Electoral District Number One, Simeon B. Taylor, was briefly detained over the weekend at the Zone 6 police station in Brewerville City.
Our reporter, who visited the police station on Monday, April 9, 2018 to find out about the information and spoke with the police, namely commander Blama Yancy concerning the matter. He said Mr. Taylor along with his sister-in-law Haja was detained for disorderly conduct.
Mr. Yancy, who refused to speak on tape, said the police released them on Sunday based on the intervention of some family members.
Mr. Yancy quoted police investigation as discovering that Haja had gone to the house of Mr. Taylor last Saturday at which time he and Taylor told her to leave but she refused on grounds that she was there to visit her sister, who is married to Mr. Taylor.
It is said that after Haja failed to leave Mr. Taylor’s house, it resulted to Mr. Taylor wasting water on Haja, thus resulting to tussle involving the two.
When our reporter visited Mr. Taylor’s block factory in Bible College Community and asked him concerning the matter, he decided not to respond on the matter or to give credence to the issue.
Mr. Taylor is well known in Grand Cape Mount County body politics, as he contested in the 2017 election but was defeated by Bob Sheriff.
The election results were protested by Mr. Taylor but the matter was later resolved.

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