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Ex-Finance Minister Speaks Against Lawlessness

Former Finance Minister David Farhat has asserted that Liberia is becoming a lawless country due to what he calls lack of full implementation of the constitution of the country.
He spoke after some unknown men in the Johnsonville community in Montserrado County destroyed his pineapple farm for the second time in the area.
‘I took these people to court at the Criminal Court ‘C’ at the Temple of Justice but I am yet to get fair trial in the case. Today, it’s me but tomorrow it could be someone else and the story could be different from my own,” the former Finance Minister is quoted as saying.
He said this is not the first time of its kind for these people to destroy his farm and crops including the house that was hosting those who are working on the farm but he revealed that the government of Liberia is yet to institute measures that will help stop such people from engaging in illegal sale of land in the country.
“This is how the Boko Haram issue started in Nigeria. Today, the people in that country are suffering. Then here in Liberia, where we do not have anything, it’s difficult to stop people who are doing things that could take the country back into its ugly days,” Mr. Farhat explained.
He frowned on the Judicial and Executive branches of the Liberian government for its failure to fully implement the constitution of Liberia.
Mr. Farhat noted that some of the people who are constantly in the habits of destroying his farm in the Johnsonville succeeded in wounding some of his men working on his farm as they are now seeking treatment at a local clinic in Monrovia but wants justice to take its course on grounds that Liberia is a country of law.

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