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Disabled Wants Pres. Weah Withdraw Appointees

A group of disabled under the banner Disabled of Like Minds for Good Governance is calling on President George Weah to withdraw the recent appointment of three directors at the National Commission on Disabilities (NCD).
A few months ago, President Weah re-instated the three directors at the (NCD), the life-blood of the disabled community.
The group over the weekend presented a petition statement to the House of Representatives to intervene in the situation.
Speaking on behalf of the group, the Chairperson, Samuel Dean said the decision stirred up sentiments in their arena because their reappointment did not meet the consensus of the community.
“Since 2005, the NCD, in this context especially section 9, has been a Quasi-Legislative branch in which directors are selected through a competitive vetting process headed by the Vice President’s office, which then makes a recommendation to the President for appointment,” Mr. Dean said.
He pointed out that the current directors are chosen with the deliberate indifference that ignored the procedure and has found pity from the President through his Protocol Officer besides this procedural error, the current directors who were recently reinstated have not served the community well.
Mr. Dean indicated that the three, who were appointed, have served the community for eight years and mismanaged about US$3 million and has brought no improvement to the lives of persons with disabilities.
He further said they have instituted no viable programs to get the disabled out of their poverty-stricken lives and they are unequal to the task and are predisposed to self-aggrandizement.
“You drive by the Nigerian House, VAMOMA House, and Crown Hill and see the blind begging for alms along with their kids, who will be public charges in the future. Then, there are the physically impaired in wheelchairs under the scorching sun, panhandling for their daily bread. There are the naked malnourished mental health people who sleep on the streets and eat from dumpsters and the so-called Zogos reeling from the side effect of Drug-Induced Psychosis,” he said.
He said they pray that by the powers vested in the Representative as the first and most powerful branch of government, to subpoena the Executive to withdraw their reinstatement, they should set up a skeleton team to govern the commission, while they probe into the matter to a logical conclusion.

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