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Defeated Candidate Welcomes Koijee’s Appointment

A 2017 Representative candidate in Margibi County, T. Maxwell Grigsby has congratulated Jefferson Koijee on his preferment as Mayor of Monrovia.

“Your preferment is not just an ordinary appointment but appreciation of the honest struggle and loyalty to the Mighty Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC),” Grigsby stated.

According to him, Koijee now wears a huge responsibility to deliver at the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) as his success will provide opportunity for many young people who similarly walked his path of struggle.

Grigsby, a former Liberty Party stalwart who supported CDC in the runoff election, explained that he passed the office of the Monrovia City Corporation and saw a gigantic banner with Koijee’s photo and the inscription “Welcome and Congratulations Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee,” adding that he deeply reflected on the days of the struggle.

“As I looked up at the banner, I reflected on our struggle as far back as 2003 when we sat many nights to strategize on how to help resolve the crisis in the public schools in Montserrado, specifically, Tubman High, G.W. Gibson, D. Tweh, among others. I have heard your critics mocked you and laughed because I know what you stand for, and the fortitude with which you execute every task. You wear a very humble spirit yet fearlessly take on every task with vigor and passion,” the former student leader emphasized.

He is optimistic that Koijee will definitely lead the torch, follow and not let his critics win, adding, “I can unequivocally say that you will make a great Mayor of the biggest city of our dear country.”

In stating without any remorse, Grigsby wants Koijee to exemplify distinguished leadership and passion about the issues that confront the people.

“In my reflection, I mistakenly took your photo on the banner to be one of our usual gatherings. I thought for a second, that the banner was an execution of one of the usual mass non-violent actions or probably a visit to one of the cook-shops where we had the best part of our meal for years,” he recalled.

For him, Koijee’s preferment is an embodiment of loyalty and commitment to the people’s cause.

“You utilized the opportunity as National Chairman of the Revolutionary National Youth League and demonstrated utmost commitment to the cause of the Mighty Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC). Towards this end, I extend to you my profound congratulations and remain exceptionally proud of you,” he mentioned.

Grigsby then publicly declared himself available to accept Koijee’s request to join his team in delivering the people’s agenda at the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) and commit to be at his best within the corridors of the Corporation.

“Mayor Koijee, I took your request to my darling wife and the kids and spoke with them on the path we have travelled for over 15 years and they could not hesitate but to accept your humble request. I have heard the concerns of our peers alike and all I can say is that, they do not know us, nor do they understand our struggle,” he concluded.

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