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CEIO Inducts Newly Elected Leadership

The Center for the Exchange of Intellectual Opinions (CEIO) has inducted a new leadership to stir the affairs of the center during the weekend.
The Executive Chairman of CEIO Adolphus N.S. Weah stated that the center will maintain intellectualism on the national issues prevailing in the country.
Chairman Weah explained that the center will remain focused on its objective to enlighten the ordinary people on national issues as a platform for them to share opinions.
He noted that any attempt to change the intellectual mandate of the center will undermine the democratic space for intellectualism in Liberia.
He pointed out that the leadership will embark on a project to beautify the center to create conducive environment for members and others.
Chairman Weah stressed that the center will laud government if necessary and condemn when it is needed to transform the living condition of the ordinary people.
Meanwhile, the Assistant Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection Mamesie Kabba said CEIO should initiate programs to enhance the capacity and development of the center.
Assistant Minister Kabba noted that the center should not continue to be relying on other individuals to support the institution, but initiating programs that will go a long way to empower the center .
She asked to center to remain focused in advocating for the Liberian people, but said the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led government under President George Manneh Weah remains committed to transform the nation and its people.
She stressed that young people in Liberia should be supported to each other rather than condemning young people in government.
She asserted that generation change cannot be realized if young Liberians are against each in society than supporting each other to move Liberia forward.
Earlier, the Acting National Chairman of Liberty Party, Darius Dillon called on President Weah to look at the Global Witness report on oil block 13 to curtail impunity in the society.
Chairman Dillon stated that Liberia will not be developed if people will be allowed to walk-away with impunity after mismanaging tax payer’s money in the country.
The Liberty Party acting chairman, who inducted the corps of officers, urged them to maintain integrity to strengthen the center.
For his part, the outgoing Chairman of CEIO Franklin K. Wesseh said the CDC led government should ensure that the freedom of speech is protected in Liberia.
Chairman Wesseh stated that the center has been a place where Liberians from all walks of life come to express their opinions on national issues.
“Any government that attempts to make its citizens to be praise singers is a weak government.
A government that wants to be critiqued, told the truth in the face and create the enabling environment that the marketers and yana boys to feel their importance and have a say in a way they are governed is a responsible government,” he added.
He asserted that the CDC led government under the leadership of President Weah will adhere to freedom of speech and assembly.
Those inducted are Adolphus N. S. Weah-executive Chairman, E. Baccus M. Carr Co-Chairman, Sylvester Tevez Nah-Secretary General, Dax Elliott- Assistant Secretary, Prince Frank Teah-Financial Secretary and Abdullah Bah-Treasurer.

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