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CDC Stalwart Endorses Reconciliation

A Stalwart of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) says he welcomes the proposal of a reunion of CDCians to set the pace for national unity and reconciliation in the quest of a sustainable peace and development.

George B. Gould said the party must also reach out to individuals who left the party for personal reasons to come back and give their own contribution.

The Liberian economist made specific reference to the former Secretary General of the CDC, Lenn Eugene Nagbe, who, he said, is a founding member of the party and needs to be recognized.

Gould noted that it will be prudent for the leadership of the party to have a special recognition statement for the Liberian Minister who, he believes, was instrumental in the CDC victory.

According to him, the 2017 elections were a very difficult time for the former Youth and Sports Minister who was accused by some members of the Unity Party of supporting the CDC after resigning as Secretary General from the party to help the president successfully end her tenure.

“To be frank, when he resigned from his post as SG for the UP, he got endless criticisms from the members of the Unity Party for supporting us (CDC) during the elections,” he added.

The former CDC coordinator disclosed that because Minister Nagbe fits the bill for standing in the line of fire and criticism, it helped him to survive those complexities on a person.

“I welcome the idea for the Coalition for Democratic Change to have reconciliation with members who left the party for different reasons. And if the rumors we heard during the campaign that Minister Nagbe and the President were supporting the CDC to not allow the UP succeed itself, of course, this needs a special recognition. This shows that he (Nagbe) has greater love for the CDC despite being away,” he said.

He said it is to acknowledge the effort of the former Minister of Transport towards the CDC in and out of the party and has played a key role in the smooth transition Liberians witnessed.

Meanwhile, Gould, also university lecturer, has disclosed that the Pro-poor government of the CDC will help develop slum dwelling transformation program and empower poor Liberians to have improved standard of living to reduce the poverty rate in the country.

Starting that with the President being a microfinance expert, he said there will be major boost to micro finance program where the poor will benefit.

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