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AME Zion Academy Principal Yearns For Help

The Principal of the AME Zion Academy, Rev. Samuel Richardson has sent out an SOS call to authorities as well as former students including goodwill organizations in the country to come to the aid of the institution.

Rev. Richardson emphasized that the call is important and needs to claim the attention of any of those individuals he is appealing to.

He outlined that teachers’ salaries have not been regular, while school fees for students have not been paid on time. He said this has hindered the running of the school effectively.

The Liberian educator asserted that because of those challenges the institution is faced with, they have resulted to teachers’ irregularity in the classrooms.

Rev. Richardson emphasized that the aspect of teachers not being regular in the classroom needs quick intervention before it gets out of hand at the institution.

The Principal of AME Zion declared that education has vital role to play in the growth and development of any nation.

Elaborating on achievement made thus far since he took over the institution as Principal, Rev. Richardson disclosed that he has been able to take the institution from the university campus to its own building on the same Benson Street.

Rev. Richardson indicated that in the past, AME Zion Academy was one of the best Christian schools among other top schools in the country.

He added that the institution has produced individuals today, with some of them currently contributing to the nation’s development agenda.

Rev. Richardson explained that lessons for students have been looked at keenly as part of the reforms already put in place.

According to him, the students are making progress in their lessons because of the reforms made in the institution’s lesson plan.

He explained that the 2017/2018 academic year has been challenging, noting that collaboration of the staffers is helping to overcome these challenges.

Rev. Richardson appealed to the students to come to school on time and take education very seriously. He cautioned that education is the bedrock to the growth and development of any nation.

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