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Sethi Brothers Workers Protest ‘Bad Labor Practice’

Several employees and contractors of Sethi Brothers stormed the company’s Duraplast branch on Jamaica Road on Bushrod Island on Monday in demand of increment in wages as well as favorable working relationship.
Duraplast, owned by Sethi Brothers, is the leading producer of plastics chairs, buckets and other rubber materials in the country.
The spokesman of the aggrieved group, Anthony Jah alleged that since some of the contractors began working with Sethi Brothers for about five years now, they are yet to get employment from the Indian owned company.
He noted that they usually work from 7:AM to 7:PM daily besides Sunday but noted that their monthly income is between L$10,000.00 to L$15,000.00 as take home pay.
Some female workers anonymously claimed that they are at times subjected to sexual harassment from their bosses on the job.
“We have been going through this for a long period of time since we started working with these people,” they added.
Meanwhile, when the management of Sethi Brothers was contacted on the allegations, the company refused to comment on grounds that the top brass was out of the country.
However, after some hours of protest at the main entrance of the company by the aggrieved workers, Labor Minister Moses Kollie arrived on the scene and hurriedly arranged a meeting with the company and the workers at the Ministry of Labor.
The meeting was headed by Phil Dixon, Deputy Minister for Manpower and Planning, who ordered the company to make available contract sheets and letters of employment by Wednesday at the Ministry of Labor so that the matter can be resolved.

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