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President Weah Appoints Two To One Position

By Uriah Solo Lewis

There are mounting concerns in Grand Gedeh County over the appointment of two individuals by President George Manneh Weah to the position of Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs.
The issue has drawn the attention of some concerned youth of Grand Gedeh as they are calling for further clarity in the wake of appointment of Mr. Philip Z. Joh and Mr. Randall Nyonkpao Saydee to the similar post of Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs as contained in an appointment letter given to Saydee on February 21, 2018.
Andrew Gaye, who is the group’s spokesperson, said further explanation from President Weah is necessary because it will help ease the tension building up as a result of the double appointments in the county. He added that such tendency serves as a recipe of conflict.
“We are in total doubt and really wondering why such should happen in our county. Hon. Saydee was appointed to the delight of every citizen and residents here. But, it is very unfortunate to see him replaced without a letter revoking his nomination from the Executive Mansion.”
The group said such controversy surrounding the position of Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs is worrisome and scares them.
They believe the population in the county is willing to work with Mr. Saydee on grounds that he has the requisite credentials to serve in such capacity and brings to the position a clean character from the private sector in financial management.
According to the group, Mr. Saydee is a strong critic of the past government and has spent time advocating for the redemption of the county development agenda.
Though the concerned youth group refused to point accusing figures at anyone, they argue that the double appointments might have been triggered by some political actors who think the youth orientated advocate will be a stumbling block to their corrupt acts.
The youth group further said the double appointments by the Executive Mansion scares them and therefore calling for the intervention of the county legislative caucus for the appointment of Mr. Saydee to remain as he possesses the qualification to serve in such regard.
When contacted via mobile phone in Monrovia, Mr. Saydee pointed accusing figures at Senator Albert Marshall Dennis of being behind the double appointments of Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs in the county.
“I need not to invite a rocket scientist to tell me it is Senator Dennis that is behind all this. His attitude towards my appointment and utterances are clear indications to confirm that he is the one wanting me out of this position,” he added.
Mr. Saydee further alleged that Mr. Joh, who is also appointed in the same position, is an immediate relative of Senator Dennis.
Mr. Saydee said the situation is worrisome and feels threatened by what he claimed the Senator has masterminded.
For his part, Senator Dennis has rubbished the claims labeled against him by Mr. Saydee and called on him to refine his thoughts.
Speaking on a local community radio in Zwedru (Smile FM), the Senator said he alone cannot singlehandedly recommend someone to the President whereas someone was already nominated to the same position.
The CDC lawmaker stressed that he and Representative Dr. George Boley have been the ones lobbying with other caucus members to ensure that the appointment of Mr. Saydee stands.
In 2015, Mr. Saydee was accused of masterminding youth demonstration against the county authority for selecting Ministry of Internal Affairs employees to attend county sitting without considering youth representation and other stakeholders in crafting resolutions as to how the county social development funds were used. As a result of that advocacy by the youth, they were selected to form part of the 2015 Toe’s town sitting.
Mr. Saydee is also a former youth president of the county and many young people in Grand Gedeh regard him as a realist.
He is also a former Representative Candidate of Electoral District #1, who contested on the ticket of the Liberia Transformation Party (LTP) ticket in the 2017 elections against incumbent Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue.
The group, meanwhile, lauded President Weah for the appointments made so far in the county local government structure but demands that geographically balancing in the Grand Gedeh County local authority is a much needed necessity that should be considered for the peaceful coexistence of all Grand Gedeans.

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