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Ebola Memorial Site Unveiled In Bomi

A local organization known as Manneka has dedicated Ebola Memorial Site in Bomi County.
Speaking at the dedication ceremony held on Friday, April 20, 2018 in Vortor Town, Mon-Feh Clan in Blugban Chiefdom, Dewein District, the Chief Executive Officer of Manneka stated that the Ebola Memorial Site is intended to remind the Liberian people and next generation of the district about the impact of the Ebola crisis in Liberia.
Mr. Mambu Quoi stressed that it is good for the people to reflect on the past and take precaution about the sanitation and hygiene within their communities.
Mr. Quoi explained that the Ebola Memorial Site will serve as a reminder of those who died in the process and a reflection of what has happened in the district, particularly the surrounding towns and villages as a result of the Ebola crisis in the country.
He indicated that the Ebola Memorial Site project was implemented by Mambu Incorporated and sponsored by Geneva Global and Capital for Good.
He pointed out that Liberians should unite in order to foster development across the country.
Mr. Quoi maintained that government should support local non-governmental organizations in fostering growth and development at the local level around the nation.
He asserted that local organizations such as Manneka is engaged with local manufacturing of hand pump materials and installation of hand pumps in towns and villages across Liberia.
Meanwhile, the General Manager of Manneka Anneke Quoi said the organization also organized sporting and art competition for students and schools around Vortor Town concerning Ebola.
Madam Quoi noted that children have the ability to do artistic works depicting infect and fight against the deadly disease.
She stated that erecting the Ebola Memorial Site will also remind children to understand the Ebola crisis in Liberia.
She pointed out that prizes were awarded to the students and schools in the form of cash for the first, second and third winners respectively.
Madam Quoi disclosed that the prizes, which were US$150, US$75 and US$25 for three categories of the competitions, were given by several sponsors including BIVAC Communication, Lion Stationary Store and United Office Supplies Equipment among others.
Earlier, the outgoing District Commissioner of Dewein District in Bomi County, Folley Siryon commended Manneka for constructing a memorial site in the district and called on the Liberian government to create awareness on public health in the country.
Former Commissioner Siryon said the prevention method should still continue in the schools to inform students about sanitation and hygiene practices.
The Ebola Memorial Site dedication brought together town chiefs, government officials and local and international partners including people from nearby towns and villages to embrace the occasion.
The Ebola epidemic hit Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone in 2014 to 2015 as several lives were lost from the three countries.

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