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Excellent Communications (ECI),Incorporated

   Joy  101.5 FM

Excellent Communications (ECI), Incorporated was established in August 2015 to engage into various Media initiatives within the Republic of Liberia supportive of government’s domestic agenda and reflective of the independent media. Consistent with its functions, JOY-Liberia 101.5 FM was established in January 2018 as an independent commercial station with 100% Liberian ownership. As part of its responsibilities and in accordance with the ABC of journalism, Joy FM-Liberia broadcasts professional programs of information, education and entertainment inclusive of maximum local contents.

Our Programs

5- 6Am- JOY Morning Praise– An hour meditation that brings you the best in gospel melodies and inspirational preaching/ teachings

6-6:30Am- Text Your Mind– A 30 minute program that gives listeners the opportunity to speak their minds through text messages; they will express their views on trending issues via SMS and the presenter will be obliged to read it

6:30-7Am-Joy Morning News– 30 minutes of local and international news magazine that highlights the news and voices of the newsmakers; it comes on Monday-Friday    

7-10Am-Joy Morning Box (THE JMB) – 3 hours of interactive stimulating events of national interest. The Box contains trending issues on politics, health, education, religion, sports, etc. We uncover the issues; The JMB creates the platform for analyses and debate. The JMB comes on every week day.